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The World is Going Insane

Okay, enough is enough I never thought I'd hear so many ridiculous things in my life.


Men being allowed in the Ladies bathroom.


People deciding whether to be male or female. Sorry, you are what God made you.


People deciding they want to change their heritage from whatever they are to something else.


All this talk about toxic masculinity. Where would we be without  males who are strong and self-confident? Give me an alpha male every time.


What's with all these idiots trying to do away with gender in our language? The word "man" is commonly used to refer to ALL PEOPLE. the word "mankind" does not apply solely to men but to the human race.


I heard on TV the other day that feminists are now complaining that the kiss the Prince gave Sleeping Beauty was non-consensual. Well, duh, she was under a spell. How was she supposed to give her consent? And does anyone think she would have refused? 


Some loon on Fox thinks we should do away with old saying like "All your Eggs in One Basket" and replace it with "All Your Flowers in One Basket." I can't remember her reasoning, but all I could do was shake my head.


Political correctness is ruining our nation and driving me crazy!

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