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Historical & Contemporary Romance by Madeline Baker

This is Eddie Little Sky - Many years ago, he was a dancer at the old Indian Village at Disneyland. Later, he became an actor. He was, and always will be, the inspiration for all my Indian heroes.

Thanks to Amber Scott for sending me this photo of Eddie Little Sky.


Currently available in eBook and/or Paperback

1. Reckless Heart
2. Reckless Love
3. Reckless Desire
4. Reckless Embrace
5. Reckless Destiny

6. Hawk's Woman
7. Apache Flame
8. Lakota Love Song
9. Wolf Shadow
10. Cheyenne Surrender
11. Follow the Lighting **
12. Renegade Heart
13. The Angel and the Outlaw **
14. Midnight Fire
15. First Love, Wild Love
16. Comanche Flame
17. Under a Prairie Moon **
18. Chase the Lightning **
19. The Spirit Path **
20. A Whisper in the Wind **
20. Prairie Heat
21. Feather in the Wind **
22. Spirit's Song
23. Love Forevermore
24. Forbidden Fires
25. Unforgettable **
26. Lakota Renegade
27. Lacey's Way
28. Apache Runaway
29. Chase the Wind
30. Love's Serenade
31. Heart of the Hunter

32. Wolf Dreamer

33. Follow the Lightnin**

** Denotes Time Travel Books


1. Love's Sweet Embrace
2. Callie's Cowboy
3. Every Inch a Cowboy
4. Dude Ranch Bride
5. West Texas Bride
6. Loving Jake



1. Tales of Western Romance Anthology  (Baker)
Contains ~ Capture the Lightning, Catch the Lightning, Seize the Lightning, Reckless Destiny, Passion's Promise.




Dude Ranch Bride
Callie's Cowboy
Every Inch a Cowboy

Dude Ranch Bride
Callie's Cowboy
Every Inch a Cowboy

The Spirit Path
Warrior's Lady
Prairie Heat
Deeper Than the Night
Midnight Fire

Deeper Than the Night

Every Inch a Cowboy
Callie's Cowboy

Spirit's Song
Midnight Fire
Forbidden Fires
Cheyenne Surrender
Hawk's Woman
Dude Ranch Bride
Callie's Cowboy
West Texas Bride
Every Inch a Cowboy
The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance

Night's Kiss
Night's Touch
Desire After Dark

Apache Runaway
A Frontier Christmas
Chase the Wind

West Texas Bride
Dude Ranch Bride
Callie's Cowboy
Every Inch a Cowboy

Renegade Heart
Every Inch a Cowboy
Callie's Cowboy
West Texas Bride

Night's Kiss
Night's Touch
West Texas Bride
Dude Ranch Bride
Every Inch a Cowboy
Callie's Cowboy

Night's Kiss
Desire After Dark


The Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns
My time travel books are mentioned in this volume

FIRST SALE 1984....

Too good to be true! That’s what I thought when, after 31 rejections, I finally sold my manuscript to a book publisher.

I never thought it would happen to me. And then came the day when an editor at Dorchester Publishing said she liked my book, but wanted another 10,000 words.

Ten thousand words! Did she realize what she was asking? With trepidation, I re-read my manuscript, adding chapters, re-writing paragraphs, until, at last, I had come up with the required number of words.

With hopeful heart, I mailed off my revised manuscript, and then the waiting began.
No words have yet been invented to adequately describe the thrill of reading that letter of acceptance. At last, I was on my way to being a published author.

I jumped up and down, danced a little jig, and literally shouted for joy as I read that coveted phrase, “We want to publish your novel…” Those few words more than made up for the numerous rejection letters I had received.

As soon as I could speak coherently, I called all my favorite people and told them the good news. Their excitement added to my own.

Today, years later, just thinking about that first letter of acceptance (and the advance against royalties that followed) has the power to thrill me all over again.

So, if you’re still struggling to get that manuscript published, don’t get discouraged, and don’t ever give up. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

So, way back in the Fifties, I went to see Elvis. A thrill of a lifetime. I don't remember why I didn't take any pictures of him. All I can think of is that I must have taken some and they didn't come out, or we were told not to.  
However, I did take a few pictures and I posted them on my old website, where they were seen by xx, who was working on a book titled Elvis: Behind the Image, Vol. 2. He emailed me and asked if he could use my pictures in his book. Of course, I was thrilled and said yes.
My pictures are below.
Ad in the Paper
My ticket
Sign Out Front
Candy Wrapper