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Remembering September 11th

tuesday morning
dawned so bright
who would have thought
that by the night
a nation's laughter
would turn to sorrow
that the nightmare would
still be there on the morrow


images burned into our mind
flames exploding
towers imploding
faces streaked with shock
and tears
heroes rising by the hour
our nation's spirit
uniting in power


buildings may topple
into rubble and dust
but our nation and people
in God still trust
from sorrow grows strength
our resolve will not pale
we will not be beaten
America will prevail

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Got a laugh out of this. Thanks, Kayla.

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The World is Going Insane

Okay, enough is enough I never thought I'd hear so many ridiculous things in my life.


Men being allowed in the Ladies bathroom.


People deciding whether to be male or female. Sorry, you are what God made you.


People deciding they want to change their heritage from whatever they are to something else.


All this talk about toxic masculinity. Where would we be without  males who are strong and self-confident? Give me an alpha male every time.


What's with all these idiots trying to do away with gender in our language? The word "man" is commonly used to refer to ALL PEOPLE. the word "mankind" does not apply solely to men but to the human race.


I heard on TV the other day that feminists are now complaining that the kiss the Prince gave Sleeping Beauty was non-consensual. Well, duh, she was under a spell. How was she supposed to give her consent? And does anyone think she would have refused? 


Some loon on Fox thinks we should do away with old saying like "All your Eggs in One Basket" and replace it with "All Your Flowers in One Basket." I can't remember her reasoning, but all I could do was shake my head.


Political correctness is ruining our nation and driving me crazy!

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No horses in heaven?
Why, I'd rather stay outside
Unless my favorite old red roan
Is awaitin' there to ride


Cause my idea of heaven
Is an endless sea of grass
An azure sky, a crystal stream
A snow-topped mountain pass


A well-broke Texas saddle
My battered old John B
But most of all that big red horse
A ploddin' under me


Now I'm not knocking angels
Nor choirs of heavenly song
Nor golden streets and pearly gates
Or clouds that roll along


But I've no use for silver wings
A tune I cannot carry, and
While golden streets might be grand
I'd rather ride the prairie


I've spent my life a'wanderin'
From sea to shining sea
And that's how we'd like heaven
That old red horse, and me.


Copyright Madeline Baker

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Some of my favorite books

Phantom by Susan Kay


The Jack Reacher Series

by Lee Child


The St. Cyr Mystery Series
by C. S. Harris


The Conard County Series
by Rachel Lee


The Living in Eden Series
by Michelle Rowen


The Immortality Bites Series
by Michelle Rowen


The Rainbow Season
by Lisa Gregory


by Mary Kirk


The Shadows Trilogy
by Kay Hooper


The Blood Trilogy
by Kay Hooper


The Dresden Series
by Jim Butcher

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First Grandchild

First Grandchild


Newborn child of my child,

Lingering in your eyes I see

Shadows of white-robed angels

and visions of eternity. 


Precious flesh of my flesh

Wondrous gift from God,

Whose tiny feet so recently

Have Heaven's pathways trod.


I wish that you could tell me

The things that I've forgot.

The glorious things, The eternal things,

That those in heaven are taught.


I wish that I could see again

The things your eyes have seen.

I wish I could remember

My first premortal dreams.


Newborn child of my child.

Spirit now clothed in clay,

In time your celestial memories

Will dim and fade away.


And so I take you in my arms

And fervently I pray

That your bright spirit might ever be

As pure as it is today


 © Madeline Baker. 

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