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Where Have All the Heroes Gone

I wrote this a very long time ago, as you can see, by the singers mentioned although, sadly,  it seems fitting today, as well.


Where Have All the Heroes Gone?


I watched some rock videos with my son
and couldn't believe my eyes
Prince, Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath and Queen
and girls who looked like guys;

I saw demons and devils and evil made fun
I saw outlaws and rebels as well
Girls half-clad and guys who looked bad
and a scene that looked just like hell...


and I asked myself ~

where have all the heroes gone?

Where are the guys in suits and ties
who sang those wholesome songs
of April love and stars above
and dancing all night long?


We went to the movies and up on the screen
bigger than life we did see
bloodshed and violence
and all kinds of sin
and it was rated PG!

The good guys were bad, the bad guys were worse
and nowhere at all did I see
anyone who dared, or even half cared
about honor and morality....


and I asked myself ~

where have all the heroes gone?
those brave men of yesteryear
who didn't cheat and didn't curse
and laughed in the face of fear.

Where are the knights who fought for right
the sheriffs who cleaned up the town
who helped the poor and rescued the girl
before the last curtain came down?


Wherever they've gone, those men so bold
whatever took them away
I hope they come back before it's too late

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