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MIrror, Mirror on the Wall

This was written by my good friend, Brenda. I liked it so much, I had to share it.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,

I see our Nation's about to fall.

Virus spreading like a fire,

Media screaming life so dire.\\


Looting, shooting, riots and hate,

We are choosing our own fate,

Where right is wrong and wrong is right,

And all we do is fight, fight, fight.


And yet I see it all so clearly,

We could lose all that we hold dearly.

Our life, our liberty, the land of the free,

God, country and our history.


So, wake up America and take a stand.

It's time to take back this precious land.

Bury our differences, hurt and pain,

Stop acting like we've gone insane.


We are one nation under God,

Guided by His staff and rod.

So, let's pull together like in the past.

And build a country that will last.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

I pray our Nation will not fall. 

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