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Chapter 1


And so he bestowed on her the vampire's kiss, sweeping her into a world of love and a life that would never end.


With a heartfelt sigh, Evangeline closed the book. If only she could find a love like that. A love that was stronger, deeper, more enduring than mere mortal attraction.


If only vampires really existed.


Setting the book aside, Angie padded to the front window and stared out into the darkness. What if vampires truly did exist? Was that really so far-fetched? After all, stories and legends of the undead went back thousands of years and were cited in every nation and country on earth. If such creatures were only myth, why had the tales lasted so long? Bookstores and libraries had entire sections devoted to vampires. Why waste all that shelf space on something that never existed?


Even as the thought crossed her mind, she knew it wasn't a valid argument. After all, there were tons of books about Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster and space aliens, too. There was no hard evidence to back up the existence of any of those creatures, either. Of course, lots of people claimed to have seen Bigfoot and Nessie. Some folks had pictures, although all the ones she'd seen looked photo-shopped. She had never heard of anyone who claimed to have seen a vampire. Then again, maybe those who saw them didn't live long enough to tell anyone.


A sobering thought.


Wishing real life was more like the novels she loved, Angie turned away from the window. And then she grinned. Maybe she should put an ad in the paper.


Wanted : Tall, dark handsome stranger

who prefers the night. Object….


Angie frowned. What was her objective? With a shake of her head, she turned off the lights and went to bed. Maybe she needed to see a shrink, she mused as she pulled the covers up to her chin. After all, who in their right mind would want to spend their waking life in the dark,  forced to sleep in a coffin during the day, and exist on nothing but a warm, liquid diet?




In the morning, Angie carried a cup of coffee into her home office and settled down in front of her computer. She had been working as a freelance writer for a local magazine for the last three years. It wasn't the best paying job in the world but it was something she could do at home in her PJs, which was a big plus as far as she was concerned. Not only that, but her editor, Jennifer Martin, gave her carte blanche to pick her own topics.

She worked steadily, taking a fifteen minute break to stand and stretch every hour or so. The morning flew by. She broke for lunch at one. As soon as she left her office, she found herself thinking about vampires again.


Did they really sleep in coffins? Were they truly dead to the world when the sun was up? Why would they be repelled by garlic? Or crosses? Or silver? What happened if they didn't like blood? Were they really immortal? If vampires didn't have a soul, and they weren't really alive, were they just animated corpses? And how gross was that?


Maybe she needed to stop reading paranormal romances and read cozy mysteries instead.


And maybe not.


Back at her desk, she stared, unseeing at her computer screen. If someone wanted to find a vampire, where would they look?


Google, of course! She'd go online as soon as she finished her work for the day.