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Halloween story

October. It was his favorite time of the year. The nights were longer, the weather
cooler. So much easier to pretend you were a part of society when every house and shop window featured your kind. No one looked at him twice when he strolled through the malls. Hunting was a breeze. It didnít take any effort at all to infiltrate the numerous costume parties that were held all month long at homes and schools and work places. Little effort was required to mesmerize some lovely miss high on bubbly, coax her into a dark corner, and satisfy his thirst.

Sadly, hunters didnít have any trouble distinguishing the genuine from the fake. Like the two who had been tracking him for the last year. Raiden swore under his breath. He had been careless. The hunters had taken him by surprise and damn near taken his head. He had incapacitated one of them. But the other one was hot on his heels.

The wounds they had inflicted on him had yet to heal, rendering him weak, stealing his power. Though he wasnít completely defenseless, he didnít have the strength to make himself vanish from sight or transport himself to another part of town by merely thinking about it.

Walking as fast as he could, he turned away from the townís main drag onto the nearest residential street. The houses were all decorated for Halloween, front yards, roofs and windows cluttered with signs and decorations that ranged from cute to creepy to the bizarre.

But he had more important things on his mind than fake skeletons. He needed a place to spend the ay. He slowed when he came to the red brick house on the corner. Whoever lived there went whole hog for the holiday - lights, music, scary witches, ghosts, goblins and even a zombie that looked like it had escaped from the set of the Walking Dead. There was even what looked to be a genuine casket. The top half of the lid was open. A life-like dummy was propped in the opening, fake hair blowing in the faint breeze.

Just what he was looking for.

After checking to make sure that no one was watching, he climbed into the casket, slid under the life-like dummy, closed the lid, and succumbed to the darkness.

So, I had this idea for an anthology of 4 short stories, each with a holiday theme. I wanted to write it partly just for the fun of it, and partly because my next book won't be out until September and my next book won't be out until the September after that!!!!

So, I thought if I could write 4 short stories in a hurry, I might be able to get the anthology published either early this year or between my 2018 book and the one in 2009 (which is one of my all-time favorite stories!!!!)

Below, is a brief look at three of the short stories - 2 are finished. One is in the works.